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On May 4th, 1862 Union Division of Generals Hooker, Hancock, and "Baldy" Smith encountered units of the Southern Army east of Williamsburg. When the Confederate Army Commander General Joseph E. Johnston became aware of the engagement, he sent Colonel John B. Magruder's command to occupy and defend a line of earthen fortifications which had been built during the spring of 1861. Fort Magruder, as it became known, dominated the center of a line of 14 smaller earthworks, known as redoubts. This fort was the focus of a intense battle that raged for two days before Johnston disengaged his defenders. The hotel is located on the site of the remains of redoubt #3. 

During the construction of our hotel a collection of artifacts were found, ranging from swords and musket balls to uniform buttons and an Union Army belt buckle. These artifacts are on display for our guests to enjoy.

Be sure to ask for a copy of our Fort Magruder Sentinel as a souvenir of your stay with us.


Map of Battle of Williamsburg

Map of the Battle of Williamsburg, May 4-5, 1862 and the 14 earthwork "redoubts" flanking Fort Magruder. Fort Magruder Hotel & Conference Center is located on the site of redoubt #3. 

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